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Great video! Big bombs - MilanaSmelly  (HD | MPEG-4)

Great video! Big bombs! This should see every connoisseur scat! This slave was very lucky – the girls today really cool shit! I have not yet seen a slave suffer so much. Today they really tested it for strength!
5 Girls tear up the toilet slave - MilanaSmelly  (HD | MPEG-4)

5 Girls tear up the toilet slave! Today girls have an excellent lifestyle – they are prone to playing! At first they tied the ropes to the feet of the slave and tried to tear it in two. Then they powerfully kicked his ass and fed him with crap and drank him up with urine.
5 girls and a married man - MilanaSmelly  (HD | MPEG-4)

5 girls and a married man! He loves the smell of female farting and the taste of female shit! He has a good family and a loving wife, but his vocation is to be a toilet for many girls. Christina, Lisa and Lera beat a slave with a whip – he is just an animal for them. After that, it’s time for a sweet treat – now the toilet should work – quickly absorb the crap and thank the housewives for it!
Today it was very difficult for him - MilanaSmelly  (HD | MPEG-4)

Today it was very difficult for him! Amina and Lisa did not shit 4-5 days! Today he experienced real suffering – the shit was hard and swallowed very hard – but he did it and the girls were satisfied!
6 girls. Shit in the pot - MilanaSmelly  (HD | MPEG-4)

6 girls. Shit in the pot! Feeding from the pot is the most comfortable for the girl – the girl sitting on the pot does not smell! The smell is completely closed in the pot! When the girl gets out of the pot there is a strong smell, but the girl at this moment moves away. It is time for the toilet slave to work – he comes to the pot and feels a strong smell and knows that he should eat it! Eating from a pot or a plate is one of the most difficult to eat, as the slave feels a strong smell and sees the female shit in front of him. All girls have very different tastes and smells, so for a slave – this is a surprise every time. In the process of feeding the girls stood nearby. You can see with what deep contempt the girls looked at him – for them, he is the lowest creature: an animal, a thing, a toilet.
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