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Lesbian shit abuse - Saori Kido, Demmi (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Demmi is so sexy in that movie, she knows that saori is always ready to serve her desires and today, she is excited for a very dirty one. Demmi forced Saori to suck her pussy and asshole, getting much pleasure for the next step. Demmi shits on Saori’s face, covering the slave’s face with a tick layer of shit.
Shitting to my slave - Monaliza, Saori Kido (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Don’t miss this new movie from newMfx starring by Monaliza. The goddess loves to humiliate her submissive slave and today she decided to do it in a extreme way. Monaliza start smothering Saori in a hot facesittig and finishing the facesitting session shitting to her slave eat.
My friend to me your mouth my toilet - ModelNatalya94 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

I and my friends Alice and Carolina put on a beautiful erotic mesh, we decided to play a little to arrange a new dirty lesbian show . We sat down on the bed and began to kiss each other I first kiss Alice and then Carolina, then Alice falls on her back on the bed and Carolina climbs on top of her and Alice begins to caress Carolina first between her legs and then anus with her tongue I help my friend Alice to caress the holes Carolina, what are they sweet you just can not imagine playing with the holes Carolina, Alice opens her mouth and Carolina everything in shit is just super and great , Alice again caresses the anus of Carolina with her tongue , and I lick the shit out of Carolina’s ass with my tongue, too . We switch places and now Carolina is going to lie back and I climb on her top and Caroline Alice turns to caress my ass and pussy with their tongues . I ask Carolina to open his mouth , Caroline opens her mouth and I filling Carolina’s mouth with shit, Oh yeah , my girlfriend’s mouth full of shit, Carolina and Alice lick the shit off my ass again with their tongues . My turn came I lay down on his back and Alice gets on top of me and I begin to caress the ass and pussy of his girlfriend with that tongue , I love it when my mouth used as toilet , Oh sweet holes my friend I caress the anus and cunt of her friend , Alice asked me to open my mouth and I open my mouth and Alice fills my mouth with her own shit , Oh yeah that’s what I waited so long I love it I own a toilet for their girlfriends . I again caress with his tongue the ass of my girlfriend , I love lick the shit I’m a fucking dirty girl . I want to make my girlfriends into whores like me . After we fill each other’s companies with shit, we kiss, we’re dirty girls .
Liquid diarrhea painting - ModelNatalya94 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

We decided to draw a picture for you but not colors and shit , we bought a big white sheet and put it on the floor , Caroline undressed and sat down on a white sheet and picked up a marker and started drawing in the corner of the sheet heart . Alice and I go in the room is also completely bare , and join Carolina , Carolina drew a heart and approached us , I told Carolina that she got cancer at the knees and vystrelival liquid diarrhea on a white sheet of paper that was lying on the floor , Caroline explodes liquid diarrhea shot out of my ass and a white sheet is already the first traces of shit , Caroline explodes several times panom liquid on a white sheet of paper , Alice takes a mini enema and fills the ass of Carolina air and Carolina again explodes liquid diarrhea with farting , this is the picture we get , then came my turn as Caroline is already shot , I stand a cancer on the knees and also blow liquid diarrhea on a sheet of paper traces of our shots diarrhea on paper , I have several times I shoot liquid diarrhea on a sheet of paper, Oh yeah this is the picture, we like it very much, Alice fills my ass with air and I explode again with a loud sound of farting and diarrhea on the picture , Oh yeah that’s what I like . It was the turn of Alice , Alice stands up to cancer on your knees and also shoots liquid diarrhea on a sheet of paper that was lying on the floor , Alice also makes several shots liquid diarrhea , Oh fucking shit, that’s awesome you can not imagine so cool we get the picture that we have painted with his shit , I take a mini enema and fill the ass of her friend Alice and Alice explodes with a fart and another shot of diarrhea in our picture . In this video , a lot of shots with liquid diarrhea, urine farting . And a lot of beautiful and slender girls with hot Asses who shoot liquid diarrhea .
The new adventures of the three girls in jeans - ModelNatalya94 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Jan Alice and Carolina arrange for you another show in jeans, you like to watch when three girls shit and piss in jeans then demonstrate their dirty Asses with nimaya with each other jeans, then this video is for you . This time we decided to record for you hot videos in jeans , the first video we pose for you , then we stand cancer on your knees and take off each other’s jeans and show you my pure white ass , after that we wear each other’s jeans, and Alice is cancer on top of her to catch Carolina and the Carolina Jan and the girls take turns shitting and pissing in jeans , on their feet teket urine leaving slidy jeans , after that girls again, it becomes a cancer and removed from each other jeans and show you their dirty jeans and a dirty ass .
Pig slut humiliation - Chienne Mary French scat slut (HD | MPEG-4)

Transformed into a sow with WC marked on my big tits, my master humiliates me with shit and food and fuck me… he put eggs in my ass and my pussy and when I expel them from my holes I make a big shit, he crush eggs on my head, he make me eat a hamburger with my shit, he shit on me, he fuck my dirty ass, he piss in my mouth, I suck his cock and he cum in my mouth … Covered of shit, my master wraps me in plastic film on the floor and I remain a long time like this… I’m a real big sow and I love that !!!
Grosse truie humiliée
Transformé en truie avec WC marqué sur mes gros nichons, mon maitre m’humilie avec de la merde et de la nourriture et me baise, il met des oeufs dans mon cul et ma chatte et quand je les expulse de mes trous je fais une grosse merde, il écrase des oeufs sur ma tête, il me fait manger un hamburger avec ma merde, il chie sur moi, il baise mon cul sale, il pisse dans ma bouche, je suce sa queue et il éjacule dans ma bouche … Couverte de merde, mon maître m’enveloppe dans du film plastique sur le sol et je reste longtemps comme ça … je suis une vraie sale grosse truie et j’adore ça !!!
Scat slut caged - Chienne Mary French scat slut (HD | MPEG-4)

Locked into a cage, I pee and poo and my Master makes a big shit in my mouth… I smearing my body with his shit, I masturbate and I fist my pussy whore… Covered of shit, my master pisses on me and he fist my wet pussy… Completely soiled with my gaping pussy, my Master washes me with the water jet.
Salope scato en cage
Enfermée dans une cage, je fais pipi et caca et mon Maître me fait une grosse merde dans la bouche … Je barbouille mon corps avec sa merde, je me masturbe et je fist ma chatte de pute … Couverte de merde, mon maitre me pisse dessus et il fist ma grosse chatte … Complètement souillée avec ma chatte béante, mon maître me lave au jet d’eau.
Hidden Toilet - Adelina Frau Toilet (HD | MPEG-4)

This morning I woke up as usual, got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a shower. Then I saw the toilet slave who was lying on the floor in my room and decided to play with him. First I made him kiss and lick my pretty legs and lick my asshole. I command him to open his toilet mouth and make his breakfast. My nasty shit is coming and toilet mouth is fills up of that shit. Now his task is to eat breakfast, that I prepared for him. In addition, I sit down on his face and smear the shit over his nasty face. Now he is my real toilet and I can do with him whatever I want!
Slaves stable -  (HD | Windows Media)

Miss Jane takes the control course in the slavery today, the new one gets a lesson and Ulf has pulled the ass card. As he is already on the toilet Jane uses him for her toilets. She fills his mouth several times with piss before the brown sausage squeeze out of her intestine. Ulf had to puke in the choking even, must have been a particularly strong pile of shit *smile*. So humiliated, Miss Jane tells him that it was his only meal today. One warm meal a day is perfectly adequate for slaves.
Sklavenstall – Frische Scheisse fuer Ulf
Miss Jane macht heute den Kontrollgang im Sklavenstall, der neue bekommt dabei gleich eine Lektion erteilt und Ulf hat die Arschkarte gezogen. Da er schon auf Toilette ist benutzt ihm Jane gleich für ihren Toilettengang. Sie füllt sein Maul mehrmals mit Pisse bevor sich die braunen Kackwürste aus ihren Darm pressen. Ulf musste beim runter würgen sogar kotzen, muss wohl ein besonders deftiger Scheishaufen gewesen sein *Smile*. So gedemütigt sagt ihm Miss Jane noch das es für Heute seine einzige Mahlzeit war. Recht hat sie, eine warme Mahlzeit am Tag ist für Sklaven vollkommen ausreichend.
Scat breakfast - Chienne Mary French scat slut (HD | MPEG-4)

The morning at breakfast, my man make a big pee and big shit in my mouth, I eat my crakers with his shit, I lick his dirty asshole , I suck his cock with shit and he cum in my mouth… I finish any dirty and I drink my coffee and smokes a cigarette
Petit déjeuner scato
Le matin au petit déjeuner, mon mec fait un gros pipi et grosse merde dans ma bouche, je mange mes crakers avec sa merde, je lèche son trou du cul sale, je suce sa queue avec la merde et il éjacule dans ma bouche … je finis tout sale et Je bois mon café et fume une cigarette.
It’s time to serve your lunch - DianaSpark (HD | MPEG-4)

Watch me today when they make shit on the plate and i show you my asshole very close. After this I will make u some sandwiches,taste and smell a little bit ,and it is delicious smells good.now is the time to eat your lunch, the sandwiches with my shit are good, be a good boy and eat it all!! Tell me how them taste! ENJOY!!!
Boots and gloves scat masturbation - Chienne Mary French scat slut (HD | MPEG-4)

Nude with boots and vinyl gloves I masturbate and fucks my pussy with dildo, my master come to shit and piss on m, I smear my body with his shit and I continu to masturbate my pussy with my magic wand and my gloves and I have a several orgasms… covered of shit, I I masturbate the cock of my master with my gloves and shit, I suck his dirty cock and he cum on my big dirty tits…
scat masturbation en bottes et gants
Nue avec des bottes et des gants en vinyle je me masturbe et baise ma chatte avec un gode, mon maître vient me pisser et chier dessus, je barbouille mon corps avec sa merde et je continue à me masturber avec mon magic wand, mes gants et j’ai un plusieurs orgasmes … couverte de merde, je masturbe la queue de mon maitre avec mes gants et de la merde, je suce sa queue sale et il éjacule sur mes gros nibards plein de merde 
Ooops – So much diarrhea – KV-GIRL - KV-GIRL (FullHD | MPEG-4)

ups that went wrong. I lie down nice spoon we just want to start a horny schoki clip to shoot but what we both did not think that the diarrhea so shot out of my ass and I fully gertoffen the camera because we unfortunately had to cancel otherwise the camera would have broken but I thought I upload the clip despite the high
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