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Outdoors Scat – Outdoor Village Toilet / 5 Shit Compilation - Anna Coprofield (FullHD | MPEG-4)

While I'm in the hospital and can not shoot a new video, I decided to show you how I shit the toilet on the street during my trip to the village.;)
The pit is so deep and full of crap, there is very dirty and stink. so I could not get past the village toilet and not add my shit there xD
Poop Videos – Toilet Slave Bundle - SweetBettyParlour (FullHD | Windows Media)

Amazing new premium video. First, I give the slave a giant pile of fresh shit, and then show him my chocolate pussy and take shit off his face so he could enjoy the stunning view and then he Fucks me full of shit pussy and cums in me. Then you will see dirty crempie which will make you jerk off from the sight! Good quality, great view, original content, and lots of orgasms which will give you this video it's simple!
2. Something New
A new really exciting and super hot premium videos, with elements of slavery! Hot fragrant bunch of shit on my husband's face, then sexy dirty handjob and finally a blowjob with fabulous pieces of shit in my mouth, smear on the face, and of course the epic finale
Hd 1080p – Shitting in white legging - Diana, Sabrina Senna (SD | MPEG-4)

Sabrina got home and run to the bathroom, she really need to use it but Diana is there. Sabrina counld't wait more and start shitting in her white legging, she got really furious with Diana and decided to make the girl to clean her legging. Diana licks the shit from Sabrina's legging and pantie. For Sabrina that is not enought and keep the humiliation with Diana, making to clean her asshole and eat some shit.
Toilet Slavery – Sniff It, Lick It, EAT It, Loser - LoveRachelle2 (4K UHD | MPEG-4)

Oh, you're back again? Really, should I even bother with a worm like you? You're such a waste of my time, ugh. Well, I suppose I DO need to shit, so I guess you're a lucky, pathetic loser today now, aren't you? Now I'll have some USE for you. Get under me, watch me shit. Pay close attention to how shit is already coming out my ass when I sit down, I can't hold it in anymore. The head of my turd is pushing out-looks gross, doesn't it? That's your meal. A huge log pours right out my ass. You like that filthy pucker, loser? That shit-stained ass?
You get a good look at me as I stand over you-you like this plump, pink pierced pussy? You like these hot, pert tits? This sexy, tight body? You wanna have it? Well you can't-losers like you don't get girls like this! You're only good for my SHIT, so clean me up, loser! My ass is FILTHY. Get your tongue in there, wipe me clean. When you're done with that appetizer, I'm pushing your face in the main course-my pile of SHIT on the floor. Sniff it, lick it, and EAT it, loser! Bite down on that turd and chew it in chunks
Piss – Shit on a stick - KV-GIRL (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Shit on a stick
Pushing 3 Poopers - LoveRachelle2 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

I don't always have time to shoot a full length vid featuring each and every one of the birth of my turds-but I always at least try to catch them all on camera! These turds are long, thick, and nasty! I've had more cheese in my diet than usual and you can see it! Gross! One poop pushes post-period juices out my pussy as it goes on and on and ON. Get an eyefull, you pervs
2 girls 1 cup volume 2 - Diana, Saori Kido (FullHD | MPEG-4)

after the succeed movie "2 girls 1 cup" we have decided to make the second movie. Here you will watch two girls who love to play with dirty things, shitting in a cup and sharing that, they decided to make a different breakfast wtih a fruit scat shake.
Messy Diaper Squish! - CosmicGirl (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Wearing my cute and very frilly pink dress, Goodnites diaper and a pink PVC diaper cover. I model my cute dress for you and flip it up to show you what I am wearing under it. I have to poop so bad, so I just go in my diaper.. make the biggest most stinky mess in my diaper. I climb up on the couch and squish my dirty diaper against the arm of my couch, riding my couch hard until the poo starts to leak out the sides of my diaper! I take off my diaper to show you the huge nasty mess I made! I am such a naughty girl!
File name: pinkdiaper
Shitting On The Birthday Cake - CosmicGirl (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Feeding My Toilet With Spoon After Strapon Fucking - Diana Sky (HD | Windows Media)

Godess was back from winter holiday, with a huge appetite !!! She wanna destroy her toilet slave ass with her dildoes and fuck his ass hard with a huge strapon !! Between them she will pee into a glass and shit into a transparent bowl just to see the slave what will come after strapon fucking. She was dressed in a seethrough catsuit, leopard one, and with high heels also leopard. After strapon fucking, Godess feed her personal sewrvant with spoon, pushing all her shit into his hungry mouth !! All Scat Videos on this site are GUARANTED 100% real, no cheap fake shit making the best of the best!
FIRST SCAT LESSON - Bruninha, Fabi (SD | Flash Video)

Tired of wait to see her money back, Bruninha decided to give a great punishment for Faby. a lesson that she never will forget with much piss and scat domination. All Scat Videos on this site are GUARANTED 100% real, no cheap fake shit making the best of the best!
Enema By SHITTY WOMAN For Enema - LoversScat (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Hi enema lovers, My enema for you today. I covered my body in shit. I use big 700 ml enema bulb to pump water and air in my asshole till I am full. And then make a big splash of water and wet farting sounds. After that I put even more water into my ass. I put so much water inside me that it comes out straight into wall with huge flow. Sniff, sniff my fart too:) and drink my pee: so so so sweet dirty pleasure. Kisses, ShittyWoman.
Toilettenersatz German Scat - Fanni (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Let us introduce you to the exclusive collection of Extreme Scat Movie!!! SCAT exclusive super this,we offer the best,cocoa places that leave,you excited for a whole movie over and over again !!! All Scat Videos on this site are GUARANTED 100% real, no cheap fake shit making the best of the best!
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