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What It Would Be Like To Be My BF JOI - evamarie88 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

So you watch my filthy videos and you jerk off but ever wondered what it would be like to be my BF. Now your going to find out.
I tell you to wank your dick for me while you watch me strip out of my nighty leaving me in nothing but my suspenders, stockings and heels.
I then show you how I would ride your dick while encouraging you to jerk off to me..
Then the best bit I make myself cum right infront of you, then bend over pee loads and then push out a big thick log right infront of you.
I show you my thick load then give you cum countdown to shoot your load while I push more shit out and prolapse in your face.
Pretty Hott Right Well Maybe One Day It Might Just Happen..
(I Say Simon In This Video)
Epic Scat Pantypooping Farting Girl - SweetBettyParlour (HD | Windows Media)

Hello) Today you have to smell . and no, I'm not talking about my fragrant panties) Today I'll make you sniff and listen to my fart, powerful, juicy, loud and very VERY fragrant out of my sweet ass) Hold tight, today you have a lot of work, enjoy the spectacle that I prepared SPECIALLY for YOU!)
In other words, it's simple, I'm back and with me new content with good taste and quality) If you like really messy and dirty video you are looking for places where you can do anything you like toilet games, fresh shit, piss, vomit, and more. I'm glad to see you in my shop!) There is a lot.don't miss it!) Low prices on my videos, will help to open a new topic of Scat games!) Video also adapt to all modern devices like tablets smartphones and console) stay tuned!) Love you) PS: don't forget that you can always contact me and make a video of your script!!! Pretty cool, huh?
Eat My Shit And Worship My Smelly Feet - evamarie88 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Watch me in stockings and suspenders tell you I know you have a foot fetish and love to sniff dirty smelly feet well take a sniff of these. Mmm You like.
Now I want you to sniff them while you watch me cum then your get something even more filthy to sniff and taste..
You watch my pussy cream right close to your face with my toes clenching while I cum and then I bend over infront of you my arsehole already open and the shit poking through and I push out a huge soft shit.
Now to eat it. I feed you some and tell you how to eat it and swallow before smearing some shit on my feet and making you lick them while I cum again...
Now you need to swallow the rest I give you a count down 5..4..3..2...1
Shit and Blood Vol.2 - Anna Coprofield (FullHD | MPEG-4)

I did not change the tampon for a long time to show you more of my monthly blood. I started shooting a video when my pussy began to leak and a blood stain appeared on my panties.
Sitting on the floor I piss in panties first then I push back my panties and piss on the floor. I insert a finger into the pussy and feel the hot tampon inside.I take off my panties and take out the tampon,show tampon and squeeze blood on my pussy and play a lil. Then I enter a glass toy in the pussy and gently fuck it and shit with soft crap at the same time. At first shit is thin and then a big long and creamy shit come out. Look at that soft and juicy shit! How many small pieces of food!
I fuck my ass with a glass toy, more cream shit flows from my asshole.I'm fucking a bloody pussy and ass with a dirty toy again and again,insert panties in pussy. I sit on the shit, knead and smear it on the floor pussy and ass. I get up and take the shit and smear it again, then take my panties out of my pussy and put them on. I continue to smear shit, because I love to do it so much!
Dirty Anal Makes Me Shit And Gape - evamarie88 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Watch me first fuck my pussy till I cum, then use my toy and fuck my arse till it gets shitty and then I slowly push out a thick big log.. My arsehole stretches open I show you my thick shit and then fuck my dirty arse some more till my arse gapes wide open and prolapses.
I continue fucking my arse taking it out and pushing my open hole so you can see my gaping hole..
I then say I want us to come together and fuck my pussy and cum once more..
Love being a dirty girl
I’m fucking my ass and TRYING to stuff my pussy with shit a little - Anna Coprofield (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Today I wear heels and pink panties-garter belt.
I smeared my big dildo with a lubricant and delicately jump on it. My pussy produces a lot of sweet cream. Then I piss on the dildo and again jump on it a bit. I take a big pile of pretty dense crap. Now it's time to fuck so I lie sideways and fuck my asshole deep. It feels very nice and I ask you to cum in my ass.
I did not plan it, but I really wanted to insert shit into the pussy but shit is tight, and it's very hard for me to put a lot in but I was able to insert a little and push out the small shit from the pussy. In the end I smeared shit on the ass and pussy of course 
Damn This Slut Fetish Extreme - GoddessLolita (HD | MPEG-4)

Questo è un video sia fetish che blasfemo, entro con un vestitino nero in bagno, mi metto sul pavimento con un bel crocefisso tra le mani, vuoi vedere la m***** puttana cosa ci fa sopra??? oh si apro le gambe e faccio scendere un fiume di pipi sul crocefisso lo consacro con la mia figa, me lo infilo nel buchetta, lo allago, sia maledetta questa troia1!!! avanti ora è il tuo uno guarda cosa faccio, ci faccio scar sopra. riempio il crocefisso e tutto il mio corpo di scat... me lo ficco su per il culo e mi ci masturbo a dovere. blasfemia imprecazione... porca e sporca solo per amanti del genere profano extreme... questa biondina ti porta all' inferno con lei sei pronto?
DAMN THIS SLUT FETISH EXTREME fetish video This is a BLASPHEMOUS that blasphemous, within with a little black dress in the bathroom, I sit on the floor with a beautiful crucifix in your hands, you want to see the m ***** bitch what's above? I spread my legs and dropping a river of pee on the crucifix I consecrate myself with my pussy, I put in the little hole, the needle, to be cursed this troia1!!! next time you're a look what I'm doing, I'm doing scar above . fill the crucifix and my whole body of scat . I shove it up your ass and masturbate properly . blasphemy expletive . nasty and dirty just for fans of the genre profane extreme . This Blondie takes you to hell with her, are you ready?
Chew and Swallow My Shit, Slave - LoveRachelle2 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

You've come to me because no other Mistress could really push you as far as you craved-to becoming a human toilet. And they were foolish to let a worshipper like you go to waste-believe me, unlike them, I'll give you what you truly want-what you truly NEED: to worship every part of your Mistress, including her shit. And to lick, taste, chew, suck and swallow EVERY bite of her shit just the way she likes it! I will cram your mouth full of my shit little toilet, and walk you through how I want you to savor my chocolate to the very last bite.

Un bellissimo video per gli amanti del genere estremo , forte, dello scat, del feticismo blasfemo porco e SPORCO, suor Sara bestemmia, pratica satanismo ( preghiera contraria, da fuoco ad immagini sacre, ci piscia sopra e fa scat) si masturba fino a godere con un bel cazzo su per la figa, poi ti vuole benedire con la sua pipi. ti piscia in bocca, tanto dal momento in cui comprerai questo video sarai anche tu uno stramaledetto cane blasfemo. ti trascino all' inferno con me.. una sporca troia peccatrice e lo vuoi sapere cosa piace fare a questa cagna quando e' posseduta??? vieni a scoprirlo (fetish extreme, scat, blasfemia, profanazione e molto altro ancora)
DAMN THIS SLUT FETISH EXTREME fetish video This is a BLASPHEMOUS that blasphemous, within with a little black dress in the bathroom, I sit on the floor with a beautiful crucifix in your hands, you want to see the m ***** bitch what's above? I spread my legs and dropping a river of pee on the crucifix I consecrate myself with my pussy, I put in the little hole, the needle, to be cursed this troia1!!! next time you're a look what I'm doing, I'm doing scar above . fill the crucifix and my whole body of scat . I shove it up your ass and masturbate properly . blasphemy expletive . nasty and dirty just for fans of the genre profane extreme . This Blondie takes you to hell with her, are you ready?
EXTREME SCAT PROFANITY a great video for lovers of extreme kind, strong, scat, fetish blasphemous pig and dirty, sister Sara blasphemy, practice Satanism (prayer to the contrary, from fire to sacred images, we pee on and ago scat) masturbating to enjoy with a nice Dick up her pussy, then you want to bless with his pee pee . do you pee in my mouth, so from the moment you buy this video will you one damn dog blasphemous . drag you to hell with me a dirty whore sinner and looking like this dog when it is possessed? come to find out (extreme, scat fetish, blasphemy, desecration and much more)

per te che sei stanco dei classici video definiti "blasfemi" che contengono un triste ditalino accompagnato da blasfemie da 5 elementare. che hai bisogno di un PROFANO BLASFEMO con i controcazzi, che ti fa venir voglia di dilaniarti il cazzo a suon di seghe. che ti porta a consumarti i coglioni a furia di sbatterci la mano sopra mentre te lo meni.. allora. vieni un po' qua) Siamo soli, io sono la tua colf, la puttana della tua lei non c' è in casa, siamo soli e tu mi desideri, indosso il vestitino da colf, collant, tacchi e rossetto da troia... mi vuoi ? vuoi fottermi? allora facciamo un patto... tu mi avrai se quel porco di un d** umilierai.. e lo farai insieme a me.. non pensare che ti basti un " padre nostro " o due " ave maria "per toglierti dalle viscere questa puttana che ti fa crepare di seghe... blasfemie, piscio sulla croce, mi masturbo, mi strappo i collant, mi infilo il dildo nel culo e me lo scopo, sputi, umiliazione, dissacrazione, pompino e un fiume di sperma che schizza dalle tue palle... buona visione..
Questo è il video che contiene anche la parte EXTREME.. per te che non ti accontenti... oltre a dissacrare, umiliare e bestemmiare come una cagna mentre mi sditalino RIEMPIO LA CROCE di scat.. sul mio corpo.. e non hai idea di cosa faccio al tuo cazzo coperto di m+++++ scoprilo guardando questo filmato che SCONSIGLIO ai deboli di cuore...
The extreme BLASPHEMY EXTREME SCAT (for those of you tired of the classic video called "blasphemous" containing a sad fingering accompanied by blasphemies from elementary 5 . you need a PROFANE BLASPHEMOUS with controcazzi, which makes you want to Maul you on fuck to the sound of saws . which brings you to consume my balls by dint of smashing his hand on while I meni . so. .. come here) we're alone, I am your maid, your bitch she's at home, we are alone and you want me I wear pantyhose, Maid dress, heels and lipstick from Troy . do you want me? would you like to fuck me? so here's the deal . I'll if that pig of a d ** humiliate .. and you will do it with me . don't think you just an "our father" or two "Hail Mary" to take away from this bitch guts that makes you die of saws .blasphemies, pee on the cross, I masturbate, I rip the pantyhose, squeezing the Dick in the ass and I purpose, spitting, humiliation, desecration, blowjob and a river of sperm that squirts from your balls . . good vision .
This is the video that also contains the EXTREME . for you that won't settle . in addition to desecrate, humiliate and swearing like a dog while I finger FILL the cross of scat .. on my body . and you have no idea what I do to your cock covered with m + ++ ++ find out by watching this video that ADVISE AGAINST the faint of heart.
Private Scat Tutor - LoveRachelle2 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

You're a in home tutor and you confront the student about something you found. He left his notebook at your house and you find some very dirty fantasies he's written in the back of the notebook. You read out what he's written. He's fantasized about your sexy ass. He's thought about how your ass tastes and smells. This student is really freaky and he even wonders how your shit tastes too and if a beautiful girl like you shits out big turds. After reading this you tell the student this is abnormal to think about these things and it is disgusting. You state you're a professional tutor and you don't appreciate students fantasizing about your ass. You notice that the student has a boner and you seem shocked that he got a boner while you were reading his fantasies out loud. You state this is disgraceful and the student deserves to be punished. You tell the student that reality may not be as great and tell the student to get down on his knees.
You start undressing and tell the student that he will get a full dose of your ass. You pull down your panties and turn around. You squeeze your ass and ask if you like this fat sexy ass. You spread your cheeks and tell the student to stick his face in there and sniff your butthole. Tell him to breathe it in. Start winking your butthole and tell him he's lucky because you've been holding in a big turd all day. Ask him if he wants to taste your big turd. Take a dump on a plate. Pick up the turd with your hands and hold it close to the camera. Tell the student to smell of your shit and get close so you can feel the heat coming off of it. You tell him he's going to taste it too, but you're cruel. "Open up your mouth and I'll shove this turd down your throat. Hmm, nevermind. You'll love that too much, so I'm not going to do that. Just fantasize about eating my shit instead!" End the video by standing up and smash the turd against one of your cheeks. students to cum on your shit covered ass.
*I had to switch masks between scenes, because something on my first mask wound up. scratching/hurting my face? It actually caused the reason why I had to cut the scene where I poop the load short-end of that vid was uh, sabotaged by my reaction to sudden pain You do see the birth of MOST of the turd, tho. There was a tear inside the mask, but it's fixed now. Hope you guys enjoy the video!
Smell, Lick & Jerk Off With My Shit - LoveRachelle2 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Here I am, just lounging around my home and eating my homemade lunch before I go off to a game, and I know you're in the mood for some dirty games yourself, so I turn on my camera, and walk you through my plans-I'm gonna eat my delicious meal, tell you what's in it, wonder what kinda shit that's gonna make. and then shit out your lunch on a plate for you. I'm in a no-fucks-given attitude, and here to tell you what to do. You get lots of close-ups, and descriptions of what I ate before, that go into THIS meal. I give you commands-go on, when you get this shit in the mail, you're gonna tear open that package and sniff it.
Go on, smell my shit. I also dare you to lick it, c'mon. if I can do it, so can you I lick my delicious shit, and groan with disappointment-it's too bad you get to enjoy it fully, and I won't! So you better make sure you put ALL my shit to good use! I want you to take my shit in your hand, and then grab your cock, and cum while giving yourself a filthy shit-jerk with my crap. And I want pics, too, dammit. Prove to me that you're worth my shit. And, just to show you how fresh it'll arrive, I show you how I'll pack and vacuum seal your precious treat. Now tear it open, you perv, and enjoy
RACIST DEGRADATION The Feast Starts Here Nigger - SharaChocolat (FullHD | MPEG-4)

*WARNING* If you are offended by race play please look away now.
For my nigger slaves only:
I stand spreading my ass cheeks and talk about how I'm going to test out my new nigger slave. I explain that white is right and white shit actually tastes nice. I'll have you deported if you don't eat every meal I serve and lick the plate clean with your nigger tongue. I shit onto your plate while spreading my White ass cheeks. After I'm finished I give my new nigger pet a chance to get used to my shit by inhaling it first. My White Goddess shit is far superior to your jungle food. I tell my monkey slave how to feast properly while I make it into more manageable pieces with the spoon and fork. Now eat it you black fuck. Featuring heavy consumption based dialogue in a very serious tone.