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2 Lochness Monster Poos - SharaChocolat (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Never before have I produced a poo that reminded me of the Lochness monster. In this video I have two Lochness monster poos although the first one is more realistic. They are both half in and half out of the water. The first one is built up taller (out of the water) and before you ask, no I didn't sculpt my poo with my hands just so I could make up a story about it. I really produced these straight out of my asshole! On both days I squat on the toilet facing the wall with my ass on view from the side. I get a shock when I stand up after the first one "Oh my god". I show you detailed close-ups from various angles so you can see just how tall the highest point is. Then I flush the first load away. No flush of the second load and I spend a bit less time showing close-ups as it wasn't as tall as the first.
Messy Shit Smear On The Leather Couch - evamarie88 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Watch me in a Catsuit with cut out front and back and latex boots first finger my arse then push out a big thick shit I show you it and then smear it all over my catsuit and then bend over and smear it all over my arse.
Then I get more of my warm shit and smear it some more and on my face then rub my swollen clit for you..
I get my leather sofa covered in my shit as I lay down and wiggle all over it while getting myself off..
I love being a dirty girl
3 Period Poos Wearing Knee High Boots - SharaChocolat (FullHD | MPEG-4)

I wake up with my legs, pussy and pyjama bottoms stained red, my period is here! On the first day I got the urge to poo while in the kitchen but I didn't have time to open the door so I squat and poo right next to it. On the second day I manage to get outside just in time. I squat to poo on the front door step, such the exhibitionist that I am. I wipe and show once. On the third day I'm in the garden squatting on a little bench to poo. This is my biggest load and in a shape that is very pleasing to the eye. My poo on all three days has a softer consistency so it seems to be back to normal. I show you close-ups of each load.
Cake of shit – Brown wife - Brown wife (FullHD | MPEG-4)

If you have a birthday soon, then this cake is for you)) Look how I did it, what an excellent shit! I stick candles, and you make your own dirty wish . believe me, it will be fulfilled;) I taste two small pieces of cake, I eat them. Very tasty . this is the most delicious cake that I did)) Do you want to eat a bit too?)))
Filling Your Order 26th February - SharaChocolat (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Today I fill an order consisting of one load of SharaChocolat and one pair of freshly stained panties. I squat to poo facing you and then after I'm finished I have a little wipe with a pair of white cotton panties. I vacuum seal two containers containing one big creamy load and then vacuum seal the panties.
3 Fat Shit Loafs - LoveRachelle2 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Language: English
Pushing out 3 thick turd loafs just for you! They feel SO good coming out of me, nice and thick, and stretch my little hole SO wide as they crawl their way outta my butt. Knobbly, thick, hard, and juicy. And you're gonna take care of each of them, aren't you? I'll just poop where and however I please, and you'll be there to clean up after me Go make yourself useful, poop lover!
Food & Shits Compilation - xrussianbeautyx (FullHD | MPEG-4)

In this multi-day compilation video, I show myself eating multiple meals and then releasing them as tons of shits into the toilet.
This video was shot with a professional mirrorless DSLR, lens and microphone in HD 1080p 60fps
Вoing make up and shit - Lolicoon (FullHD | MPEG-4)

I am standing on my sink and do my make up. Suddenly I flex forward and pee and shit on the floor while standing. Then I squad down and poop a bit more.
PANTY + SHIT = Dirty SCAT GIRL - SweetBettyParlour (HD | Windows Media)

Panties + my sweet ass + a piece of shit .
You + a small video price + your curiosity + and your excitement .
I wonder what happens? Will you end at once? Or stretch the pleasure? I already feel like you're nervous, so be it, I'll let you see)
In other words, it's simple, I'm back and with me new content with good taste and quality) If you like really messy and dirty video you are looking for places where you can do anything you like toilet games, fresh shit, piss, vomit, and more. I'm glad to see you in my shop!) There is a lot.don't miss it!) Low prices on my videos, will help to open a new topic of Scat games!) Video also adapt to all modern devices like tablets smartphones and console) stay tuned!) Love you) PS: don't forget that you can always contact me and make a video of your script!!! Pretty cool, huh?
Dirty Shitty Anal in a Skype Show - JosslynKane (HD | MPEG-4)

Watch me having fun in another hot skype show, i love getting dirty in front of u in skypes shows. I poop so much for u, and i ride ur cock so good. I cum so bad, 3-4 times, this was so perfect. Just take a look to see how this works! Enjoy!
Foot fetish with shit - Brown wife (FullHD | MPEG-4)

I bought a new red dress, decided to measure at home . but just to measure boring)) I decided to play a little bit of what I really love! well, and of course remove these dirty games for you. From my round beautiful ass comes fresh shit right to my feet. Well smearing shit on both feet, I begin to taste it licking and sucking my fingers. Mmmm . delicious, really delicious))
Shit In Bra, Smear Then Cum With Shoe - evamarie88 (HD | Windows Media)

Watch me in full desperation mode.. Im holding this monster shit in for dear life.. I tell you how little my tittys are and how i want to fill my bra with extra padding my SHIT!
I pull down my panties and the shit has already started creeping out, i get my bra cup and push out a monster soft shit inside each cup before showing you what mess ive made.
I then put it on and squash the brown mess into my tits and take off my court shoe and fuck my pussy hard till i cum.
Want me to get messier? Ofcourse you do.
I then smear my shit all over my tits and feet and fuck myself once more till i squirt hard.
Now Who Wants to Buy That Shit Filled Bra Its Ready To GO
Hypnotizing You Into My Shit Slave - LoveRachelle2 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Welcome back Today is your final hypnosis session. Are you ready to get started? Good. I begin, swinging my pendant from side to side..you fall into a deep trance. and now, you're all mine.
I'm tired of playing games with you. This time *will* be your last hypnosis session-your last EVER, in fact. From this point on, I'll be doing more than putting you in a trance-I'll be taking your SOUL. You will be indebted to me for the rest of your life, to spoil me and do as I please! Stupid mortal, you fell right into my trap. There's only one thing left to do, and you'll be mine forever-you're going to complete my spell, but taking in something from me, and into your body.you're going to eat my SHIT, slave!
There is no escape, and you shall be used however I please! I pull my plump cheeks apart and push out a HUMONGOUS load of shit onto a golden ceremonial plate. See that turd coming out my ass, slave? That's your DESTINY. Behold my shit, human. I will force you to eat my waste however I see fit-you will lick, taste it-you will bite off whole chunks of my raw shit and chew them up and swallow! You will eat my shit again and gag on it and shit it out and eat it and more, again and again, and serve me til your very last breath!
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