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Shit is the basis of beautiful hair - Brown wife (4K UHD | MPEG-4)

To smear hair with shit is a lot of fun! Do not believe me? Then watch my new video;) You will be charged with positive and exciting. The reportage is sometimes very close and you can carefully consider the fresh shit on my hair. From this video your dick will be stronger than a stone))) After I shot this video, I went to a restaurant. A slight aroma from my hair in a public place was exciting fantastically. My panties were dripping wet . mmmm . fuck it as well!
Fuck My Ass Until I Shit - LoveRachelle2 (4K UHD | MPEG-4)

Mmm, I feel like having a little fun in my hot lingerie and thigh-high heels with this thick dildo of mine. you don't mind watching, do you? I plunge my toy into my wet pussy and pump it in pleasure, touching myself and groaning, until I pull it out and lick it clean. Delicious I comment on how "full" I already feel in my other hole. I can only imagine how full it's gonna feel with I fuck my shit-filled ass with my dildo, too! I plunder my asshole with my toy until I cum and then-I can't take it anymore, I pull my toy out and let my shit push and fall, heavy and thick, out my hole and onto the floor.. leaving my raw asshole leaking poopy juices. Mm, don't you wanna clean me up?
(This is an EFRO vid! "Erotic Female Relief Observation": this is why I don't do an super close-up on my poop on the floor afterwards-this is for fans who wanna see women relieve themselves more than focusing on poop itself
Humping Poop Makes Me Cum - LoveRachelle2 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

I've stripped myself naked, and I lay out on my tummy, my plump rump up in the air, and push That hard turd starts pushing its way out of my little hole, falling thick and slow out my hole, down my pussy and onto the floor. until I push, push push and push until I've got a big pile of thick chunky turds all in front of my cunt. Yum! I can't help but start humping the pile, loving how my shit feels against my clit. I hump and hump that big pile of turds, getting myself SUPER messy until I cum! What can I say, I'm a shit lover
Fart, Shit, Cum And Enema For Son - evamarie88 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Watch me your Mummy give you the best wank of your life.. I first fart in my leather leggings, letting rip and filling the air with my smelly farts, Before pulling them down and Farting and Shitting right infront of your face.
I Make you lick it and taste a piece before making you chew it while you watch your kinky mum cum.
I drip creamy sticky cum and mop it up and put it onto my shit for you to eat.
I smear my shit all over my leggings and now im going to soak you with my arse juices,
I give myself an enema and fire my dirty arse juices in your direction and tell you to wank that dick while I spray my butt juice all over that dick.
Ready for the countdown, I give you a cum countdown to shoot your load the same time I shoot the dirty liquid out my arse..
Such a good boy
Eat My Poo Piles, Toilet - LoveRachelle2 (4K UHD | MPEG-4)

You like being my little pet, toilet? Watching excitedly as I shit wherever I please, and you get to obsess over each pile and eat it up as you please? Quite befitting of you, really. It's all you're good for. Quite a treat! And you get to gobble it up every time. As I'm going about my day, getting dressed, or when my boyfriend hogs the bathroom-you're gonna have to hurry up and eat my poop quick slave, and we'll blame the smell on you Aren't you lucky you have a Mistress to clean up after? You better lick my floor and my pretty plates clean too, pet. These thick, falling chunks of poop and monster turds are all yours
You UNDER me BOY - SweetBettyParlour (HD | Windows Media)

New incredible premium video, this time you will be a direct participant in the dirty action) Sit down on the floor son, Mummy will show you what a real dirty pleasure) You'll sniff my dirty panties, you'll drink my urine, catch my mouth drooling, and of course smear in my fragrant and fresh shit) Finally I'll make you lick my pussy, and bring me to orgasm . and this is just the beginning) are you still here? Getting ready today you will be my toy, and the participant of the action) One of the best videos is finally available for purchase, do not miss it !! love!)
In other words, it's simple, I'm back and with me new content with good taste and quality) If you like really messy and dirty video you are looking for places where you can do anything you like toilet games, fresh shit, piss, vomit, and more. I'm glad to see you in my shop!) There is a lot.don't miss it!) Low prices on my videos, will help to open a new topic of Scat games!) Video also adapt to all modern devices like tablets smartphones and console) stay tuned!) Love you) PS: don't forget that you can always contact me and make a video of your script!!! Pretty cool, huh?
Pooping in pink shorts - Brown wife (FullHD | MPEG-4)

There are a lot of such videos from different models . But I really miss the feeling of warm shit in panties or shorts. When the shit fills the shorts, padding the cunt, I'm insanely good. Sometimes I want to go out on the street in the summer in shorts filled with shit . this video will definitely be removed)) I'll be honest, shit today was very unpleasant for smell and taste. But the excitement from the shit in my pants was so strong that I wanted to lick the shit again and again, take it in my mouth. A negative taste, but more exciting! Disengagement for real dirty whores)))
Enjoy my dear = *
Shitting in my toilet - DianaSpark (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Watch me today I'm in the bathroom, on my toilet to make a shit and pee. First i pee and after i shit mmm very good shit for you i smeel my toilet with shit and i show you. Take my shit out of the toilet and smear my hand , my shit looks like a chocolate haha. ENJOY!!
What I Love About Poop! - LoveRachelle2 (FullHD | MPEG-4)

I can feel the need to poop-I wink my butthole at you again and again, then suddenly, I can't contain it anymore, before I know it my turd is already forcing its way out of me! I poop my load onto a plate, and present it to you Here's your meal! Ta-dah! But before I let you chow down-and eat it *exactly* how I tell you, why don't we talk about poop, baby! While I show off my crazy tiny waist and curvy hips in this sexy pink dress.Let me tell you about everything I ate that went into this load. and of course, all the things I absolutely love about poop in detail, from the smell, to the taste (and I lick it a little-yum! You're going to love it!) and to the pleasure of pooping itself
Now come here and jerk off with my poop, take some in your hand and give yourself a smelly shit-jerk, you're just not allowed to cum until you've eaten it all
Extreme smearing in Extreme Heels - EllaGilbert (FullHD | MPEG-4)

I enter the room wearing a latex dress. I take off my panties and spread my ass a couple of times. With my ass facing the cam I shit my heels a bit and then put them on. I love the feeling when my creamy warm shit gets between my toes. I finger my ass and get some more shit out which I smear all over my legs. Its time to get ur cock deep inside my still full of shit asshole so I start riding my big toy. The more I ram my asshole the more shit comes out and I continue smearing it all over my heels and legs. After 15 mins I'm gonna take my dress off and completly cover my body with shit.
I'm gonna fist fuck my ass now untill I cum really hard but I wont allow u to cum just yet cause after I cover my pretty face in shit I'm gonna suck on ur full of shit dick till u fill my mouth up with cum.
After school - Brown wife (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Lovely schoolgirl came home after school. She really wanted to shit and made a big load after 3 days of patience. Excited schoolgirl sat on the dirty lid of the toilet, smeared shit on the ass, body and face . look how good it is for her !! She really kicks! A schoolgirl, and already such a dirty whore . but how beautiful. If the biology teacher saw this, then the highest score in the exam would be guaranteed)))
A perv in wellies - LittleMissKinky (FullHD | MPEG-4)

a kinky afternoon outside
Lesbian shit abuse - Saori Kido, Demmi (FullHD | MPEG-4)

Demmi is so sexy in that movie, she knows that saori is always ready to serve her desires and today, she is excited for a very dirty one. Demmi forced Saori to suck her pussy and asshole, getting much pleasure for the next step. Demmi shits on Saori's face, covering the slave's face with a tick layer of shit.
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